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I Wish You Were Here

The sun rises to set down
Time rushes with timeless crown
Behind my loneliness I peer
And I wish you were here

Desolation brings the pensiveness
No smile on my pale face
Your thoughts roam in my sphere
How I wish you were here

Interminable these days of mine
Oneirism takes me to cloud nine
But this dream is so very queer
Only I wish you were here

Under the shadow of my battered tree
I write for you silently
Feelings mix with a shed of tear
I wish you were here

Evening breeze passes by
Dreamy memories fly high
Imagining your face so clear
I wish you were here

Tragic end of a fairy tale
No queen, no nightingale
Sometimes loneliness is fear
Alas! I wish you were here.
 Sourav RC

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