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We Are The Believers

We are the believers- believe in the power of God
Promised land of heaven, blaze of vicious hell
We apotheosize the saints, respect the priests
Hold our extreme hopes to the ethereal illusion.

We believe this universe is created by Him
Who made all the lawful rules of life, death and beyond that -
Beautiful earth to live in, beauty of being gracious and pure
We believe in Holy Scripture, believe in clemency-

Yet these beliefs cannot touch the rope of a hangman
Knife of a stabber and- brutal killings of innocent people
Melting truth, burning lies, provocation of getting profane
In our nakedness of pretension we still believe - The God!?

Where is our God? Is He sleeping and letting us play?
Screams of priests and preachers don't make any sense
Our hearts are full with black desires - prayers are so dry
Sufferers are suffering and we believe they need to suffer more...

The slaves, the empty-bellied, the helpless, victims of injustice
Their bloods are flowing, dying like they never existed -
They too believe in some God, pray with utter indulgence
But only fail to realize in the misery- they are also human beings.

We the believers of unseen, don't see what is there to see
We the believers of our misery, exhausted by our own fateful burden
No more, we'll pray and weep;
No suffering, no bleeding, no gasping for air
Now we shall believe in ourselves
Our power will break the door of heaven
We will break the window bars and burn the injustice
Fresh air for everyone - a new law of life;
We are the believers -
We'll search our own God within ourselves. 
 Sourav RC


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