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Fragment: Happiness

Happiness comes by chance

Pristine smile on your stern face
A piece of bread to a starving child
Tiny bird in the cloud of hopelessness
Like her love that seldom gets wild

Happiness comes like a trance.

Lonely Road

Lonely road,
 from where do you come
Where do you go?
Take me with you
Sun is beating so hard
And I am feeling so low;

Lonely road,
  you are looking so gloomy
I’m feeling pensive too
I want my escape
From this obscure-
Be my guide and take me through;

Lonely road,
  take me to the place
Where all my memories are
My root, quiet childhood
Hills covered by green
I’ve come so long so far...

Lonely road,
  friendless I am, like you
Alone on a lonely roam
Be my only friend
Walk on with me
Take me back home.

 Sourav RC

We Are The Believers

We are the believers- believe in the power of God
Promised land of heaven, blaze of vicious hell
We apotheosize the saints, respect the priests
Hold our extreme hopes to the ethereal illusion.

We believe this universe is created by Him
Who made all the lawful rules of life, death and beyond that -
Beautiful earth to live in, beauty of being gracious and pure
We believe in Holy Scripture, believe in clemency-

Yet these beliefs cannot touch the rope of a hangman
Knife of a stabber and- brutal killings of innocent people
Melting truth, burning lies, provocation of getting profane
In our nakedness of pretension we still believe - The God!?

Where is our God? Is He sleeping and letting us play?
Screams of priests and preachers don't make any sense
Our hearts are full with black desires - prayers are so dry
Sufferers are suffering and we believe they need to suffer more...

The slaves, the empty-bellied, the helpless, victims of injustice
Their bloods are flowing, dying like they never existed -
They too believe in some God, pray with utter indulgence
But only fail to realize in the misery- they are also human beings.

We the believers of unseen, don't see what is there to see
We the believers of our misery, exhausted by our own fateful burden
No more, we'll pray and weep;
No suffering, no bleeding, no gasping for air
Now we shall believe in ourselves
Our power will break the door of heaven
We will break the window bars and burn the injustice
Fresh air for everyone - a new law of life;
We are the believers -
We'll search our own God within ourselves. 
 Sourav RC

I Wish You Were Here

The sun rises to set down
Time rushes with timeless crown
Behind my loneliness I peer
And I wish you were here

Desolation brings the pensiveness
No smile on my pale face
Your thoughts roam in my sphere
How I wish you were here

Interminable these days of mine
Oneirism takes me to cloud nine
But this dream is so very queer
Only I wish you were here

Under the shadow of my battered tree
I write for you silently
Feelings mix with a shed of tear
I wish you were here

Evening breeze passes by
Dreamy memories fly high
Imagining your face so clear
I wish you were here

Tragic end of a fairy tale
No queen, no nightingale
Sometimes loneliness is fear
Alas! I wish you were here.
 Sourav RC

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Rainy Night

Desolate dark night
Continual fall of rain,
I’m standing alone
With my tears mingled pain.

A distant star is watching me
Witnessing my life of desertion,
Sleepless night continues to cry
I’m dwelling in absolute dejection.

Blank eyes stare indifferently
Trying to interpret life’s scrawl,
Strange vacuum in my heart
A doomed life is ready to fall.

Dark - blind rainy night
Every hope has died,
All alone in a crowded world
Wishing for a place to hide.
 Sourav RC

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Reincarnation of Love

Forgiven by lights of the heart
A thousand tears dry out fast
Dreams again start building castle in the air
Hopes begin to grow layer by layer
Dismal faith finds the glimpse of a ray
Life takes a long breath after virulent decay
Thirsty soul was alone long enough -
In the glory of joy, is the reincarnation of love.
 Sourav RC

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