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Rainy Night

Desolate dark night
Continual fall of rain,
I’m standing alone
With my tears mingled pain.

A distant star is watching me
Witnessing my life of desertion,
Sleepless night continues to cry
I’m dwelling in absolute dejection.

Blank eyes stare indifferently
Trying to interpret life’s scrawl,
Strange vacuum in my heart
A doomed life is ready to fall.

Dark - blind rainy night
Every hope has died,
All alone in a crowded world
Wishing for a place to hide.
 Sourav RC

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tashabud said...

Beautiful but such a sad poem. I hope it's only a poem.


wanderer said...

The poem which says. "I am dead". well, It can also be the poem that says, "all over...can we start a new story..."

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